The Astar PhysioGo 300A is our newly acquired Therapeutic Ultrasound and Interferential Therapy device which is made and designed in Poland using evidence-based technology.  It has a wide base of built-in electrotherapy programs to deliver more specific and effective treatments.

Electrotherapy 1
The device has the ability to perform Ultrasound Therapy, Interferential Therapy or combination therapy in a special mode. It is a combination of therapeutic effect of electrotherapy and ultrasound. During the combination therapy, both therapies work on the patient’s body simultaneously. This method is very popular among therapists worldwide.
ASTAR PhysioGo 300A
The PhysioGo 300A unit also administers ultrasound therapy by generating ultrasound waves with a frequency of 1 MHz, which allow the treatment of deeply located lesions, and 3.5 MHz allowing the treatment of diseases located shallow below the surface of the skin. The therapist using an ointment in the form of a gel with the active substance during ultrasound therapy has the option of performing phonophoresis.
This device is a beneficial adjunct for the treatment of patients suffering, among others, from:
Musculoskeletal system diseases– arthrosis, degenerative, rheumatic and discopathy diseases, back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis and periarticular tissues;
Nervous system diseases– sciatica, brachialgia, chronic inflammation of the plexus and nerve roots, neuralgia, inflammation of the peripheral nerves, neuralgia, irritation of the nerve root;
Diseases and pathological conditions of tissues – scars and contractures, wound and ulcer healing, exudates resorption, hematomas and oedema;
Injuries and wounds – fractures, muscle injuries, pain related to injuries;
Weakness and impairment of muscle work – re-eduction of muscle tone, electrostimulation of denervated muscles or disappearing muscles, rehabilitation of increased muscle tone.
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