A Treatable & Manageable Condition

Incontinence 1


For one in three women, incontinence is an ongoing problem after childbirth and one that has a huge impact on quality of life. It can also be a problem for people with a persistent cough or those who are repetitively lifting heavy objects.  All of these things put a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

There are many different forms or classifications of incontinence and assessing which category you fit into will assist to formulate the treatment plan.  Incontinence can be well treated with Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation.  Marika, your physiotherapist is well versed in teaching pelvic floor exercises, which would be diesgned specifically to your needs and can help you regain control.  Marika has trained with Associate Professor Pauline Chiarelli, who was the founding member of the Continence Foundation of Australia, for diagnosis and management of Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Disorders.

Using Real Time Ultrasound is a useful tool in retraining pelvic floor muscles contraction.  You can read more about this method by clicking HERE.

Incontinence remains a worldwide problem, affecting both males and females, across different cultures and races.  It is often not discussed and therefore not treated properly in individuals however it is a condition that no person should have to tolerate.  Much improvement can be attained with the right education and guidance by your physiotherapist.

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